Cellular, Molecular

and Genetics

Research Center (Genome)

About Us

The Cellular, molecular, and genetics center of Genome, affiliated to Gene Nik wash Mohtasham (Genome), is one of the three private research centers approved by the Ministry of Health in Isfahan. Genome has started the research activities since 2011 as the Scientific-research department of Genome and succeed in obtaining a University Development Council agreement as one of the research centers approved by the Ministry of Health and under the auspices of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. The primary purpose of the research center is to conduct applied researches and use the results in the prevention, control, and treatment of genetic disorders.

The general aims of the Cellular, Molecular and Genetic Research Center as follows:

1- Training human resources in Cellular, Molecular and Genetic fields.

2- Arranging Meetings with specialized physicians and presenting new research.

3- Forming the members of the research council, including professors and doctors.

4- Submission and approval of scientific projects by the Research Council of the Research Center.

5- Publishing international articles: Currently, more than 200 articles from scientific research have been published in international journals.

6- Holding workshops, seminars, scientific conferences, and similar events: So far, more than 55 retraining sessions, including scientific topics, have been held.

7- Providing the latest modern research services in the international world.

Data Base training

Proposal defense

مرکز تحقیقات سلولی، مولکولی و ژنتیک (ژنوم)، یکی از سه مرکز تحقیقات خصوصی مصوب وزارت بهداشت در استان است که به عنوان بازوی علمی و پژوهشی مرکز ژنتیک پزشکی ژنوم اصفهان به فعالیت پژوهشی مشغول می باشد.

Medical Genetics Center of Genome,Mohtasham Kashani St, Esfahan, Iran